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European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a part of Erasmus +, a European Commission funded programme for lifelong learning and volunteering in Europe. The EVS programme allows young people to volunteer with a non-profit organisation in a country other than their home country.

For more information on the EVS Programme, please visit the European Commission Website. 

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Depaul Ireland (both in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) is an accredited EVS hosting and coordinating organisation that has worked with the EVS programme since 2004. We accept applications from Programme Countries and Partner Countries only.

Countries: Some of the countries that we have hosted volunteers from: Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Turkey, Portugal, Russia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Serbia, Belarus, Greece, France, Belgium.

The contribution that these volunteers make is invaluable, as they deliver a range of activities and bring a fresh and unique cultural dimension to each of our services. In this way, everyone benefits; the volunteer gains experience and skills and an insight into a different way of living, while Depaul and our service users benefit from the volunteer's energy and enthusiasm, whilst learning about their culture.

Past-EVS Volunteer (Dublin)

Agathe Friquet is from Marseille in France. She participated in the EVS programme in Back Lane Hostel. She tells us how the experience opened her mind.

I had been studying Psychology for three years and wanted to get some real life experience, outside the classroom. I was always interested in travelling and found the EVS programme as the perfect opportunity to fulfil all of my needs.

It was a challenge to move to a foreign green and rainy country where I didn't know anything, not even the language. I am happy to realise that I made it. I even learned more than I was expecting. I was very free in my projects so I worked in different topics: being with the service users, organising activities and events, working with other volunteers, doing statistics, helping to update the website of the organisation, etc.

I learned a lot about myself and homelessness; I didn't really know how to act/react with a homeless person or alcoholic person before. Now I feel comfortable to sit and talk with them, I am able to understand them and sometimes I am even able to help them. We shared many experiences of life, conversations and laughs.

I was living with 5 other EVS volunteers from Spain, Turkey, Germany and Italy while I was doing my service. It was the opportunity to share, learn from each others and experiment things in Dublin like juggling, African dance and of course the Irish night life.

The whole experience opened my mind.

Agathe with staff at Backlane Hostel




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